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Support The Reclaimers: protest as Hinkley Point nuclear power station hots up

Activists needed to defend squatted farmhouse at nuclear power plant


Somerset calling. It’s time for action.  We urgently need activists to help defend a farmhouse that has been squatted to stop EDF Energy trashing land for a new nuclear power station in Somerset.  Anti-nuclear campaigners have been joined by members of Seize the Day as the first residents of Edf-Off Cottage next to Hinkley Point nuclear power station.


Boycott EDF protest on 11 April 2011 (video)

Activists blockade EDF in London


Fukushima fuels wave of protests against UK’s "nuclear renaissance"

Kick Nuclear Press release  - 17 March 2011

As the tragedy at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in north-east Japan continues to unfold, campaign group Kick Nuclear is joining anti-nuclear activists from around the UK to plan a series of demonstrations and direct action events.

Spokeswoman Nancy Birch says:

Buried at C? Sizewell nuclear power station blockaded by anti-nuclear campaigners

By 7am this morning several campaigners masked as fish locked themselves together across the entrance of Sizewell A and B. They claim that the nuclear operators and the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) have not taken the possibility of flooding and coastal erosion at the Sizewell plants into proper consideration.

EDF Energy slammed for cruelty to Hinkley badgers

Pressure group warns of future safety risks at nuclear power plant

Energy giant EDF Energy has been blasted for breaching conservation guidelines and forcing a colony of badgers off land earmarked for controversial new nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point in north Somerset. Environmentalists warn that future corner-cutting could put lives at risk if construction of the two new reactors gets the green light.

Boycott EDF promotional video

PRESS RELEASE: Anti-nuclear campaigners blockade EDF's Hinkley Point nuclear power plant

Blockade of Hinkley Point, 4 October 2010Blockade of Hinkley Point, 4 October 2010Since 7am this morning, anti-nuclear campaigners from different anti-nuclear groups which are part of the Stop Nuclear Power Network [1] are blockading the access road to EDF's Hinkley Point nuclear power station in protest against EDF's plans for nuclear new build and what they are calling a flawed consultation.

Confidential EDF documents show serious accident risks with the EPR reactor

Press release, Sortir du nucléaire, 30 September 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Confidential EDF documents show serious accident risks with the EPR reactor

On Monday 27 September, the French Nuclear Phase out Network "Sortir du nucléaire" received internal EDF documents, showing that the design and manufacture of the vessel closure head for the EPR in Flamanville could lead to a Tchernobyl-type accident.

EDF could face trial in France for hacking into Greenpeace computers

Bloomberg reported on 6 September that French Electricite de France SA, Europe’s biggest power producer and the parent company of EDF Energy, could go on trial for its role in spying on Greenpeace France. This at least is the advice from French prosecutors.

According to the Bloomberg report, the prosecutor in Nanterre, near Paris, told the judge leading the investigation that EDF and four individuals, including two former security employees, should stand trial for their roles in the hacking of Greenpeace France’s computers.