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Welcome to Stop Nuclear Power

Editorial of Stop Nuclear Power Network's broadsheet on nuclear power:

The paper you are reading was produced by the Stop Nuclear Power Network, a non-hierarchical network of groups and individuals committed to resisting nuclear power in Britain and worldwide (see bottom left). With this paper, we are trying to do something to counter the spin of government and nuclear industry. Nuclear power is not the answer to climate change, neither is it safe, nor is it economical, nor is it needed.

In this paper, we have put together information on various aspects of nuclear power, aimed at debunking the pro-nuclear arguments, as well as presenting the anti-nuclear argu­ments. On this page you will find information on nuclear power and climate change. On the following pages we deal with the unresolved nuclear waste issue, the security flaws of the proposed nuclear reactor designs, and the dumping of local de­mocracy to fast-track nuclear power. This is followed by informa­tion on the flawed economics of nuclear power, and on the effects of radiation from nuclear power stations — even without an accident.

On a more positive side, we also provide some outline information on alternatives.
On the last page you will find infor­mation on how to resist nuclear power, and local contacts.

We hope that you not only enjoy reading this, but that it will stimulate and encourage you to become active against nuclear power. The time to act is now — if the government and the nuclear industry get their way, the first bulldozers might move in as soon as in 2011!

When, if not now? Who, if not us? Resist with us now!

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