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Boycott EDF

Welcome to Boycott EDF!

EDF is one of the largest electricity companies, and heavily involved in nuclear power. EDF Energy, the British wing of EDF, is fully owned by the French state owned EDF (Electricity de France).

In France, EDF has many nuclear power stations, and is building a new European Pressurised Water Reactor (EPR) in Flamanville. In Britain, EDF is pushing heavily for nuclear new build, and wants to build new reactors at four sites, the first being Hinkley Point and Sizewell.

Nuclear Emergency - a call for action

Nuclear power is dangerous, dirty and expensive. The government is currently putting a framework in place to kick-start a new generation of nuclear power stations. Now is the time to create a massive public outcry and stop this plan in its tracks. Please join us and use this leaflet to counter the nuclear myths.

A nuclear-free future: if Germany can do it, why can't we?

Camilla Berens argues that the road to sustainability needs to be built by pioneers not procrastinators


Activists blockade EDF in London


Fukushima fuels wave of protests against UK’s "nuclear renaissance"

Kick Nuclear Press release  - 17 March 2011

As the tragedy at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in north-east Japan continues to unfold, campaign group Kick Nuclear is joining anti-nuclear activists from around the UK to plan a series of demonstrations and direct action events.

Spokeswoman Nancy Birch says:

From Fukushima to Hinkley SWAN Condemns the arrogance of the Nuclear Industry

Campaign group, South West Against Nuclear have come out today to express sympathy and solidarity with the people of Japan who are not only facing an unimaginable natural disaster, but also a rapidly unfolding disaster that has human handprints  all over it.

Says Debbie Richards" The Japanese Authorities have known for some time that they were due for a "big one" Whilst TEPCO knew that there were problems with their backup generators following the earhquake that rocked Fukushima #1 Plant in June just last summer"(1)

Japanese earthquake: timely reminder of dangers of nuclear waste storage in Cumbria

Anti-nuclear campaign group, Kick Nuclear, today urged the government to cancel its planned ‘nuclear renaissance’ following the declaration of a ‘state of nuclear emergency’ by officials in Japan.

Spokeswoman Nancy Birch said the dramatic shut down of eleven nuclear reactors following the Japanese earthquakes earlier today is a stark warning of the inherent dangers of the nuclear industry.

And Nancy added that Britain could be sitting on a nuclear time bomb:

Buried at C? Sizewell nuclear power station blockaded by anti-nuclear campaigners

By 7am this morning several campaigners masked as fish locked themselves together across the entrance of Sizewell A and B. They claim that the nuclear operators and the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) have not taken the possibility of flooding and coastal erosion at the Sizewell plants into proper consideration.

PRESS RELEASE: Anti-nuclear campaigners blockade EDF's Hinkley Point nuclear power plant

Blockade of Hinkley Point, 4 October 2010Blockade of Hinkley Point, 4 October 2010Since 7am this morning, anti-nuclear campaigners from different anti-nuclear groups which are part of the Stop Nuclear Power Network [1] are blockading the access road to EDF's Hinkley Point nuclear power station in protest against EDF's plans for nuclear new build and what they are calling a flawed consultation.

Stop Nuclear Power UK Network Gathering

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October


The Stop Nuclear Power Network is a grassroots network of groups and individuals taking action against nuclear power and its expansion and supporting sustainable alternatives.

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